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We are dedicated to the sale of all types of prefabricated, concrete or removable pools, both public and residential, as well as the sale of products for water maintenance and everything that can make your pool more comfortable and functional.

Pool Filtration

The correct filtration is obtained with the correct choice of the filtration set. Choose the best combination of pump, filter and filter bed.

Pool Pumps

At Piscinas de la Flor we offer a wide range of pool pumps and their spare parts, see our BATHROOM ZONE magazine, we have Quality and Price.

Pool Exterior Material

At Piscinas de la Flor we offer a wide range of items for the exterior of your pool, consult our BATHROOM ZONE magazine and you will find stainless stairs and handrails for both in-ground and above-ground pools, slides and trampolines, stainless showers, solar and design showers perimeter overflow grates and stainless water games.

Glass Material


At Piscinas de la Flor we know that in any pool construction project, built-in accessories are essential to ensure good water recirculation. Its choice and strategic placement in the pool basin will determine the proper functioning of the circuit and the optimal quality of the water.
A good water recirculation circuit will provide you with significant savings in:
• Time we dedicate to maintaining the pool.
• Consumption of chemical product.
• Water conservation and air conditioning energy

Pool Chemicals

ZB AQUANATUR grows and offers solutions in chlorinated products, pH regulators, algaecide, greenhouses, cleaners, descalers and antiscale.

Covers, Covers and Reels

With the covered pool you will enjoy all year round.

Pool Heating and Dehumidification

You have at your fingertips several solutions such as solar heating, electric heaters and heat pumps.

PVC Pipe and Accessories for Swimming Pool

In Piscinas de la Flor you can find all the necessary material to make the connections in the installation of the hydraulic part of your pool and we have a complete catalog of accessories, valves and PVC pipes, which will allow you to find the part and the measure that you need.

Pool Cleaning Material

At Piscinas de la Flor we have the ideal and most common accessories for the maintenance and cleaning of all types of pools.

Manual pool cleaners, self-floating hoses, extendable handles and all the accessories you need to get the most out of your pool.

Pool Water Treatment Material

At Piscinas de la Flor we will inform you of the different types of treatment for swimming pool water and we will advise you on the most appropriate one for your needs, both for private, community or public pools.

Pool Lighting Material

We have several models of white LED lamps and multi-color RGB lamps, the difference between the different models is the brightness emitted.

Vitreo Ezarri cladding


Today there are countless types of pool liner. The most used have always been vitreous, which we know by the name of tile. These materials are practically unalterable over time and require very little maintenance. There is a wide range of colors, tones, gradients, drawings and even photographic printing on the coating.

Pool cleaners


Always keep your pool clean with the most suitable robot cleaner.

Spare parts

of Pools

The deterioration of some components of the pool is due to contact with the chemical products that we add to the water with the different treatments and the atmospheric agents added to the passage of time. That is why it is very important when building a pool to use quality products from manufacturers with the responsibility that we ensure an extensive range of spare parts for the components installed during the time established by law. At Piscinas de la Flor we distribute spare parts for the most relevant brands in the sector



If you have children, safety in the pool is essential, increase it with alarms and fences.

Pool Water Analysis

Keep the water always ready with our products and water analysis systems.

Swimming pools


At Piscinas de la Flor we supply and install High Quality Fiber Pools

Fiber Pools are the recommended option for those who need a Pool for YESTERDAY! They are Pools ready to install and offer a great variety of models. These types of pools are durable and easy to maintain, they are quick to install pools with very simple maintenance.

Fiberglass Pools have multiple advantages and one of them is that they are a relatively inexpensive solution considering that it can be a long-term investment due to its durability.

The useful life of a Fiber Pool is more than 30 years, keeping it in correct condition.

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