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Manguera de jardín de riego


We are dedicated to the sale of all types of products for the irrigation and automation of private or public gardens and we advise what type of product is indicated for each water need.

Solenoid valves


The solenoid valves are one of the most important components of the automation of an irrigation system since they are in charge of opening and closing the flow of water following the orders of the programmer and that depending on the electrical signal that it emits, they may be electrovalves with AC solenoids. 24 volt or solenoid valves with 9 volt DC solenoids. Normally the opening and closing system is carried out by means of a membrane activated by the solenoid by transforming the received current into a physical movement. At Piscinas de la Flor we have a wide range of solenoid valves and we will advise you on which one is the most suitable for your irrigation system.

Irrigation Pipe and Accessories

At Piscinas de la Flor we are aware that a good irrigation system requires the highest quality pipes and accessories, that is why we supply Low and High Density Polyethylene pipes with UNE-EN 12201 for food uses, PVC pipes with UNE-EN ISO 1452 from national manufacturers.



  • Today we cannot conceive of an irrigation installation without a programmer to manage it because it allows us to:

  • Water our crops without being present.

  • Adapt them to any irrigation system

  • Connect with different types of electrical voltage.

  • We have a wide range of programmers, tap, wall, manhole and the latest generation with connection Via Radio, Bluetooth, WIFI. At Piscinas de la Flor we will advise you on choosing the most suitable for your irrigation system.

Irrigation Sprinkler

SPRINKLING IRRIGATION is one of the most widely used systems to irrigate at distances that can range between 5mt and 27mt. Irrigation sprinklers are a mechanical device that allows us to transform a pressurized water flow into a uniform water spray curtain if the flow, pressure and outlet orifice are adequate to the required need. The most widely used systems within sprinklers are impact, turbine and rotors.

DIFFUSION IRRIGATION is one of the most used for the irrigation of small areas, its range can range from 1mt to 5mt. Consumption is one of the highest among sectorized irrigation systems. At Piscinas de la Flor we have a wide range of sprinklers and diffusers from the best brands HUNTER, RAINBIRD, KRAIN.


Drip irrigation allows us an optimal use of water and nutrients and provides us with savings in consumption, an increase in productivity and yield and the elimination of most of the diseases caused by excess water. The water applied by this method of irrigation at low pressure and small flows infiltrates towards the roots, directly irrigating their area of influence by capillarity.

Artificial grass

Not all artificial lawns are the same. If you are one of those who do not settle for just any lawn and you are looking for realism, perfect appearance, comfort when stepping on and exceptional softness, at Piscinas de la Flor we have the lawn you are looking for. Premium Artificial Grass with Memory Effect + Antistatic + Extra Softness

Filtration for irrigation

All irrigation systems, dripping, spraying, microdiffusion, sprinkling, etc ... require filtration according to the origin of the water with which to irrigate to avoid clogging the small channels and outlet holes that are part of the parts and pipes. Decantation and subsequent filtration through meshes or discs are usually the most common and used.


Microdiffusion is ideal for low volume irrigation in horticultural crops, fruit growing, flowers, greenhouses, nurseries, frost protection and garden irrigation. At Piscinas de la Flor we have everything you need for the application of this irrigation system .


At Piscinas de la Flor the vàlvules that we supply, both plastic and brass ones are suitable for irrigation in gardening, agriculture and industry.

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